Running west to east from Burrard Bridge there are four main sections along the north bank of False Creek. The first is between Burrard St Bridge and Granville St Bridge and was
the first to be developed in the early 90's. Most are high-end high-rise condominium complexes offering suites with attractive views across to Granville Island and larger rooms that in some of the more recent projects. Suites on the south side lower levels (below the 6th floor) can be especially popular here as the views are still unobstructed and they can be quieter than some suites on the higher floors, being below the level of the bridge traffic.

The second section, between Granville St Bridge and David Lam Park is Concord Pacific's Beach Crescent Community. Completion of these homes will take place between 2003 and 2007 with views being a huge influence on price point. A visit to the Concord Presentation Center on Drake St is a great way to get an overview of what this whole community is about. However to ensure you find the right suite at the best price, take the time to investigate not only Concord's latest offering but also the many resale opportunities within these buildings. There is a lot of product here, so do choose carefully, because competition when you come to resell could be fierce.

The third section is between David Lam Park and Cambie Street Bridge.
This is Concord's Marinaside Community comprising over 20 buildings and offering the complete range of sizes and floorplans - from 550 square foot one bedroom suites to million dollar penthouses and water front townhomes. Comments above re: future competition in Beach Crescent also apply here.

The fourth section, between Cambie Street Bridge and Science World has yet to be developed. Finally, at the very eastern end of the Creek, between Quebec St and Main St is Citygate. With an east side address expect much more for your money here. However, being positioned at the very end of the Creek affords wonderful westerly views for some units down the length of the Creek and towards English Bay. As 2010 approaches, expect to see more focus on this pocket than any other.


YACHT HARBOUR POINT - 1600 Hornby Street

55 large luxury waterfront condominiums in prime position. Excellent outdoor space with many suites. House size rooms.


THE CONCORD - Foot of Drake Street

The crowning glory of Concord's Marinaside Community. 1500 - 4000 sq ft homes with water on 3 sides.


KINGS LANDING - Beach Crescent

A step up in finishing and location from previous Concord offerings.


  • The Sea Wall - running the length of the Creek and connecting to Stanley Park (15/20 minute walk).

  • David Lam Park - foot of Drake St, adjacent to the Sea Wall.

  • George Wainborn Park - foot of Richards St, adjacent to the Sea Wall (under construction).


  • Pacific Boulevard - stores, cafes, banks, services

  • Davie St – supermarket